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My Approach

I believe anyone can do yoga.  You are never too young or too old to learn something new in life.  My method is to keep it fun and interactive so the kids don't realize that they are holding down-dog for 20 seconds.

I rely on props such as hula hoops and other kid friendly items to keep things moving with kids of all ages in small or large groups. 

Being a mommy to three boys, I can say that without a doubt, making things fun for kids is a winning formula for  success.  

About me

I am a mother to three boys who teach me patience everyday.  I am grateful that yoga found our family while my boys are still young because the benefits I see in them are extraordinary.

I was first introduced to Yoga in my twenties but it wasn’t until I had a family (husband and 3 boys) that

Yoga actually became my calling. 

"Yoga is not about touching your toes . It's about what you learn on your way down"

                                            Jigar Gor

My daughters Sydney & Olivia absolutely LOVE Inner Child yoga. They leave feeling so relaxed and calm and I really see a big difference in their behavior. Thank you Johanna for being such an amazing yoga instructor!!



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Johanna Minassian 

-bilingual Spanish


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