In 2015, after baby #3, I found myself suffering from postpartum.  I  had dealt with it before with each child, so I knew I needed to nurture myself and my family during this time. 


I found Arezu Kay, who lead us with love and amazing energy in our home.   While I had years of experience with yoga, it was new to my boys, including my husband. 


 We all started slowly together, learning yoga poses and spiritually bonding, not really realizing how much we were benefiting from the practice until that summer was over and we reflected on our growth together. 


That's when I realized my calling would be to follow in her footsteps and recreate the same hour long family bonding time for friends and family.  

The benefits of family yoga  are life changing.  It provides a peaceful hour of fun, bonding and mindfulness not just of oneself but of the whole family unit. 


We live in such a fast paced culture.  Family Yoga carves out time for everyone to come together and share each other's energy.  You grow physically and mentally from within. 


It doesn't take a lot for you to notice the benefits your family will experience.  In time, you'll crave it.    

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Johanna Minassian 

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